Back Office Management

BPO is typically categorized Back Office Outsourcing and Front Office Outsourcing – The term comes from the building layout of early companies where the front office would contain the sales and other customer-facing staff and the back office would be those manufacturing or developing the products or involved in administration but without being seen by customers.

The Back Office process include Book Keeping, Accounting, Payroll, Human Resource, Sales and Purchase verification, Legal Documentations, Trading of Securities, Order Management, Operation Support etc. Such Back Office Process, in larger companies are done at specific branches or outsourced to any companies or contractors.

Our management experienced in various industries, can understand the processes and needs to deliver a comprehensive solution to the client.

Millenium is actively involved in managing the Back Office Process with Data Management, Data Conversions and other services. Services provided by Millenium at economical value and are supported by excellent personnel for the customer satisfaction. We can address your immediate project needs or provide ongoing back office support services for your team. The expertise of a versatile, dynamic, and young dedicated workforce will address your need in time.  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Specific services are what we offer. Each of our services is offered with high levels of customer intimacy, product / technology knowledge and operational excellent.