Digital Signage Solutions

DIGITAL SIGNAGE  is all about content presentation that replaces static signs. Digital Signage is used to inform or advertise. The content in the digital signage is dynamic and are managed from a central location through a web interface.

Digital signage utilizing technologies such as LCD, LED, plasma displays, or projected images to display content can be implemented in both public and private environments, including Retail Stores, Hotels, and Restaurants, Hospitals, Healthcare centers and corporate buildings, amongst other locations.

Digital Signage serves the purpose of Public or Internal Information Board, Menu, Advertising, Brand Building and enhancing customer experience etc.

Digital Signage displays are controlled by a Server, through the use of software the contents are designed and are pushed to these displays through Internet.

With a robust set of tools and software, we help, design and manage the contents for these display units. These contents can also be viewed through a browser on all kind of internet device such as Desktop, Laptop, Android Devices, I pads, Mobiles etc., As per the client’s requirement, we design and manage the contents and push it to the display device through internet. Some of the versatile features are

  1. Contents can include Text, Pictures, Video, Audio, Animations, RSS Feeds, Tweets, Youtube, Facebook etc.
  2. Can have contents to repeated screens, messages and timelines.
  3. Contents can be scheduled in advance.
  4. Contents can be run on any internet device – Desktop, Laptop, Mobiles, Android Devices.
  5. No software required to display content – can be viewed through any browser.
  6. Emergency messages / alerts can be transferred to the display device through mobile.
  7. Various components to include such as weather, stock, RSS, Youtube, Tweeter, QR code, Webcam, HTML, Media TV.
  8. Switch between Digital Signage and Composite TV.
  9. Interactive and kiosk mode options.
  10. Advertising and management.
  11. Any no of Display units can be managed individually or in groups.
  12. Content update/changes to multiple displays at one shot.