Field Survey and GPS Mapping

To build the link between the image and reality, field survey and data collection is necessary. Advances in technology and new demands have led to modernize the system and implement GPS technology for precise reference and accuracy of data. With due consideration given towards nature of survey, Survey design, sampling strategy, software, database,  manpower, costing and execution we are able to complete such projects with high spirits. Data collected are instantly synced with the server via internet and pinned on the map.

It is trusted with the new design of data assembling and computing management, the principles and properties of the datasets would have greater longevity and advantages to the geomatics world. With the deployment of the Electronic gadgets for field survey, the digital spatial data will increase the efficiency of Business, Planning and Integration of information for various kinds of projects.

Our technical & soft skill team have expertise do develop applications for different database platforms. We understand the importance of quality in the backend process and assure the client to give the quality service at all the time. Young and enthusiastic team members among the field survey team have made us possible to collect the geospatial data in time for the projects.

Establishing an In-depth relationship with the client by understanding their environment, challenges and goals, we work in tandem and deliver a valuable service.